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Founder & head coach Anna Stålnacke

My goal is to help YOU find a lifestyle that YOU enjoy and to get habits that fits in YOUR life. I have worked as an online coach for 8 years and during these years I have helped thousands of people to change their lifestyle. I want to help you with training and diet that should be simple, fun and SUSTAINABLE. You decide how your lifestyle should look like and I give you the tools to reach your goals according to your conditions ☺️

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Louise Gynnerstedt

As a certified PT and diet advisor, competitive athlete and today online coach, I am passionate about helping other people. To find balance without becoming too extreme in any direction. For me, happiness begins from within and in order to spread our energy further, we need to find routines we feel good about. What are you waiting for? Start my Build and Burn program and we will start the first days of your journey TODAY! Hugs, Louise ❤️

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Matilda Karlsson

Throughout my life I have been interested in training, but since the day I stepped into the gym for the first time I have had a huge love for strength training. The feeling of constantly progressing in everything from technique, increased weights but also in the mental parts: "I can do more than I think” is really something special. Start one of my three programs and let's build muscles together! 😍

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Elora Gummerson

I love how working out makes me feel strong. I love challenging myself and aspire to continuously improve. I love working on becoming the absolute best version of myself. I'm here to help you do the same! My goal is to help as many people as possible feel confident in their body and in the gym. To feel strong & truly challenge themselves. All whilst having a balanced, sustainable and happy lifestyle. So if you're ready to level up, start my program and let's get to work!

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Isak Melin

Since I’ve been active as a Personal Trainer for years and been working as an Online Coach with several thousand clients, I have become an "expert" on different types of people. We all have different backgrounds, conditions and goals where it is necessary to take each individual into account, where nothing is optimal if it is not feasible and sustainable. The focus of my training sessions is therefore on teaching a training method that works for the majority, which gives guaranteed sustainable results!

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Yusuf Babar

"Helping you get in better shape and better balance without unnecessary restrictions " - and that is exactly what my coaching advocates. Since 2016, I have helped thousands of clients change their daily routines and physiques with our methods. How?: Mainly with our well thought out plans. My main goal programming the workout plans has been to avoid unnecessary amounts of cardio or workout sessions. Let my 16 years of experience and workout plans help you get a great ALL-YEAR-AROUND shape.

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Anno Eriksson

Training has always been close to my heart. My mood becomes better and my family thinks I am a better mother and wife when I have a proper routine in my training. Making time to train is a luxury too few of us can afford. Life doesn't always work out. However, working out at home saves you both time and money. This is because the time it takes you to get to a gym and the money it costs to have a gym card you can spend on other things. Let's take the first step towards becoming a better YOU.

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